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Dermatology-shop is part of DOS Medical BV. Founded in 2007, the company focuses primarily on the development, distribution and export of medical devices in the fields of ENT-ophthalmology, allergy and dermatology. DOS Medical BV is located in Apeldoorn (- NL).

DOS Medical has two webshops of its own:

  • Dermatology-shop
    Webshop with effective and mostly science-based products, suitable for the care and alleviation of various skin problems. The products care for and alleviate symptoms such as eczema, (extremely) dry skin, anal problems, scars and burns.
  • ENT-shop
    Webshop with medical solutions for throat, nose and ear related complaints. Among others products for (chronic) colds, wounds in the nose, dry throat and vocal cords, itchy ears and much more. View all products here.

Part of the range of Dermatology-shop and ENT-shop is also available through pharmacies.

Brands Dermatologie-shop

  • AT14® skincare: truly hypoallergenic care products for sensitive skin. The products contain no irritants and are formulated in collaboration with allergists and dermatologists. AT14 is also suitable for people with proven contact allergy and eczema-sensitive skin. The range includes hair and scalp products such as lotions and shampoos, as well as body and hand creams.

  • Pure honey ointments: our products based on pure honey are aimed at taking care of various skin complaints: AnaMel for anal complaints, DerMel for superficial wounds and NasuMel for wounds in the nose. The pure honey in the ointments soothes the skin, provides antibacterial protection and supports wound healing. The action of the products is scientifically proven.
  • WOUND wound spray: also called plaster spray, has a healing effect on acute and chronic (open) wounds. WOUND consists of 100% natural ingredients, such as St. John's wort oil and Neem oil. Benefit: care of the wound without touching the wound.
  • Silicone therapy: suitable for the prevention and treatment of abnormal scars. The effect of silicone therapy has been scientifically proven. The silicone gel and sheets reduce thickness, redness and improve the elasticity of damaged skin. Scar symptoms such as pain and itching are also reduced. Silicone therapy is the most recommended form of scar treatment by skin professionals. View BAPSCARCARE, SCARBAN, Cinoscar.
  • Skin supplements: Do you suffer from skin problems? Like dry patches or a dull appearance. Or has your skin become unbalanced due to sunburn, cosmetic surgery, travel or a lot of stress? BAP Medical skin supplements help as a temporary boost or structural support. The capsules are proven effective, approved by the EFSA. They consist of pure ingredients with no additives, including Vitamins B2 and D3 and Biotin. With the best nutrients, you will regain beautiful, strong and healthy skin.
  • ALHDYRAN: protects and moisturizes damaged skin. ALHYDRAN has been used for years in the aftercare of various types of (burn) wounds and for scar treatment. Scientifically and clinically proven and recommended by doctors and clinics, surgeons and dermatologists. In addition, ALHYDRAN has complementary Special Care products for itchiness, extremely dry skin, eczema complaints and a disrupted skin barrier.
  • DermaSilk: antibacterial bandages and underwear that are effective for various skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and vaginal problems such as lichen scelorsus. The bandages and underwear are made of silk. The products relieve skin complaints such as itching and irritation, protect the skin and help your skin recover. The efficacy of DermaSilk has been scientifically proven.
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