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Nasumel Nasal ointment based on pure honey
Nasal ointment based on pure honey
Helps with wounds and irritation in the nose. NasuMel is a nourishing nasal oint...
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Do you suffer from a dry, irritated or damaged nasal mucosa, nosebleeds or wounds in the nose? NasuMel nasal ointment is the solution.

NasuMel works on the basis of pure honey. The ointment offers bacterial protection, soothes the wound and skin, softens the scabs and supports the healing of wounds in the nose and damaged nasal mucosa.

The ointment moisturizes and cares, is effective and easy to use.

The ointment does not contain petroleum jelly, corticosteroids or antibiotics and can therefore be used for a longer period of time.


NasuMel can be used for various complaints in the nose. For example, if you use a CPAP (for sleep apnea) or nasal spray with corticosteroids, this can be very annoying for your nose. But allergies, cold weather conditions, working in a dry room, certain medications or nasal surgery can also irritate your nose.

NasuMel can be used for complaints such as:

  • Dry, irritated or damaged nasal mucosa
  • (Infected) wounds in the nose
  • Scabs in the nose
  • Gorges in the nose

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