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BAPSCARCARE scar silicone gel

BAPSCARCARE scar silicone gel

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Treat and prevent abnormal scars with BAPSCARCARE silicone gel. The gel is ideal for small scars on the face, neck and hands. Dries quickly, does not stick and is 100% invisible. Read more..

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Product description

BAPSCARCARE silicone gel is enriched with vitamin E and ensures that scars become flatter, smoother and thinner and that scar symptoms are reduced.

The gel based on medical silicone is transparent and easy to apply. The gel is soft and ideal for scars on body parts that cannot be covered by clothing such as face, neck and hands.

The effect of silicone therapy has been scientifically proven and has been the most used form of scar treatment by specialists for decades.

Operation of BAPSCARCARE Silicone Gel

Damaged skin (scar) loses too much moisture. BAPSCARCARE silicone gel protects damaged skin against this moisture loss.

When damaged skin loses a lot of moisture, the body will create extra scar tissue. This can lead to visible scarring such as a thickened and/or red scar. The loss of moisture can also cause complaints such as itching, pain and tight skin.

By restoring the fluid balance, the body stops creating extra scar tissue. This reduces the risk of an abnormal scar and reduces scarring.

In addition to stopping too much moisture loss, the silicone gel also provides a protective layer. This allows the skin underneath to repair itself better.

Start silicone therapy as soon as the skin is closed.

BAPSCARCARE silicone gel is:

  • Very suitable for small scars (face, neck and hands)
  • Feels nice and soft
  • Dries immediately and does not stick
  • 100% transparent

The silicone gel contributes to beautiful scar recovery and ensures a reduction of scar tissue. The gel also reduces scar symptoms such as:

  • Itchy, dry skin
  • Red skin
  • Less supple, painful skin
  • Thickening on your skin
  • Pulling skin

The effect of silicone therapy has been scientifically proven.


BAPSCARCARE silicone gel contains:

  • Polysiloxanes (silicones)
  • Vitamin E


The following instruction is important with BAPSCARCARE silicone gel:

  • Before use, clean and dry the skin
  • Apply the gel thinly in one movement, do not rub
  • Apply the gel 2 times a day
  • Use the silicone gel only on closed skin

BAPSCARCARE silicone gel instructions for use (PDF)


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BAPSCARCARE scar silicone gel

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Review BAPSCARCARE BAPSCARCARE scar silicone gel

Treat and prevent abnormal scars with BAPSCARCARE silicone gel. The gel is ideal for small scars on ..

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