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BAPSCARCARE silicone gel with SPF40

BAPSCARCARE silicone gel with SPF40

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BAPSCARCARE silicone scar gel (10 grams) with factor 40 (SPF40) sun protection protects your scar protects against harmful UV radiation. Both for, UVA + UVB protection. Helps reduce itching, pain and redness. Read more..

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Product description

BAPSCARCARE silicone gel with UV protection

Scars make your skin extra sensitive. Your skin barrier is damaged by a scar. Scars are also extra sensitive to UV radiation. If the wound is closed, the skin with the scar has an increased risk of permanent discoloration and skin cancer for at least a year.

It is therefore extra important to protect your scar well from the sun. Covering your skin is the ultimate protection. It is more difficult to cover areas such as your neck, face or hands with clothing.

BAPSCARCARE GEL with UV protection (SPF 40) provides optimal treatment and protection of your scar when it is sunny.

Effect of BAPSCARCARE silicone gel

BAPSCARCARE protects the skin against moisture loss. A scar is damaged skin, which loses too much moisture due to the damage.

The silicone gel provides a protective layer, allowing the skin underneath to repair itself better.

Benefits of BAPSCARCARE Silicone Gel with UV Protection:

  • Factor 40 sun protection
  • Protects against UVA and UVB radiation
  • Reduces itching, pain and redness
  • Has been proven effective on scars

Scar complaints are:

  • Itchy, dry skin
  • red skin
  • Less supple, painful skin
  • Thickening on your skin
  • pulling skin

The silicone gel reduces complaints such as itching and dry skin. It contributes to beautiful scar recovery and reduces scar tissue.


The following instruction is important for BAPSCARCARE silicone gel with SPF 40:

  • Apply the silicone gel well in advance
  • Reapply your scar every 2 hours
  • Avoid intense sun rays (approximately between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.)


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BAPSCARCARE silicone gel with SPF40

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BAPSCARCARE silicone scar gel (10 grams) with factor 40 (SPF40) sun protection protects your scar pr..

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