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BAP Medical Skin Recovery
BAP Medical Skin Recovery

BAP Medical Skin Recovery

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Does your skin need an extra boost? Try SkinRecovery from BAP Medical. The capsules contain a collection of vitamins, herbs, minerals and enzymes that strengthen your skin from within. Read more..

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Product description

BAP Medical Skin Recovery

Sometimes your skin is out of balance for a while. For example, due to stress, travel, sunburn or a cosmetic procedure. Or because you naturally have demanding skin, which often needs a little more care.

Then you will get complaints such as:

Masks, peels and creams can help restore the skin from the outside. But don't forget to lend a helping hand to your skin from the inside too.

What does SkinRecovery do?

SkinRecovery nutritional supplements contain a collection of vitamins, herbs, minerals and enzymes that strengthen the skin from within. In addition, a probiotic has been added, which supports a healthy intestinal function. And healthy guts help with healthy skin.

Skin Recovery:

  • Gives the skin a boost
  • Supports the recovery of the skin
  • Takes care of the skin from the inside
  • Nourishes, hydrates, protects and strengthens the skin


  • A combination of Turmeric C3 and Bioperine
    This antioxidant supports the immune system and protects cells. Turmeric is absorbed 20 times better in this combination than other variants.
  • Digezyme
    These enzymes are important for skin condition and help improve bowel function.
  • Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid
    Supports proper hydration of the skin, retains moisture and strengthens the skin barrier. Low-molecular-weight Hyaluronic Acid is absorbed much better than other variants.
  • biotin
    In other words: vitamin B8. This contributes to the balance of skin and hair.
  • Lactobacillus 15 109 IU/g
    A beautiful ingredient with a difficult name. It contributes to a good intestinal flora, provides probiotic support for your skin and supports your skin's immune system.
  • Vitamin B2, Copper (sulfate), Iodine (potassium iodide) and Selenium (sodium selenite)
    The European Food Safety Authority has indicated that these vitamins and minerals have guaranteed benefits for the skin.

Furthermore, there is also filler, capsule, anti-clotting agent and riboflavin in the capsules.

Use SkinRecovery

Take two capsules of SkinRecovery a day: one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening about an hour before bedtime. Do not use more than two capsules per day.

SkinRecovery works best if you use it for three months or more. You can use the capsules all year round or occasionally as a boost.

Are you going to undergo a professional skin treatment soon? Then preferably start a month before the treatment with SkinRecovery and then swallow the capsules for a while. That way you get the best result.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication, ask an expert for advice if you want to (continue to) use SkinRecovery.


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BAP Medical Skin Recovery

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Does your skin need an extra boost? Try SkinRecovery from BAP Medical. The capsules contain a collec..

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